Monday, July 1, 2013

Today's Take - 7/1/13

Russian Red Kale - 1 pound (2.99*)
Buttercrunch Lettuce - 11 ounces (2.49*)
Romaine - 12 ounces (4.99*)
Basil - 1 ounce (2.49*)

Eggs - 10 (found those hidden Guinea eggs, 2 days worth anyway...) (4.29*)
Goat Milk - 1/2 gallon (Chardy still sneak-feeds Bramble, so her output is pretty slim.) (10.38*)

*Prices based on similar, comparable, organic products at Ralphs Thriftway (, our neighborhood grocery store. $27.63! Not too shabby for a day's take on a little hobby farm. ;)


  1. What are you doing with all that kale?

  2. we've been eating a ton of kale, but I've also been chopping and freezing it. I really like to use it in soups, so we're squirreling it away for the cold months!

    I'm also going to try making a spanakopita with kale instead of spinach, just to see if it comes out any good. I love my Mediterranean food!