Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's Happenin' - 2/16/11

Chardy's right udder/teat are still showing signs of mastitis. Despite my best efforts to milk out that side and get the kids to drink from her right teat to help ease the pressure, her little booby is still filled to the gills.

I'm going to go buy a thermometer tomorrow so that I can take her temperature and try to determine how serious this is, and whether or not her infection (if it is indeed an infection) is calling for antibiotic treatment now. I've been using a great, natural udder balm from Fias Co Farm/Molly's Herbals on Chardy's udder twice per day, and if I could get her to sit still long enough, would like to try a warm compress, but she won't stand for it. It's obvious that she is still uncomfortable, and she's Mehhhing her head off at me, but when I try to intervene, she either bolts or tries to kick me. Aye, what to do? I've emailed the vet for advice, but still haven't heard back from her. I guess we'll just keep on keepin' on 'til we get some results.

The baby bunnies are holding their own. A friend of mine who also owns a bunny has lent us her special critter heating pad to see us through this latest cold snap. The bunzos are literally growing markedly bigger every single day - it's nuts! Their fur is filling in well, but nobody has opened their eyes yet. When their eyes finally open, we should be able to count back 10 days and get a better idea of when exactly they were born, since Cinderella was a sneaky monkey and kept them hidden from us for a few days or so before we figured out what was up.

On the brighter, all-things-chickeny side, today was our first three egg day in quite some time. Now if Rosie and Gracie could get their little butts in gear, we'd be reaping almost 3 dozen eggs per week.

We'd been keeping the ladies in the run, following last week's near miss with the hawk, and just yesterday finally turned them loose again. Apparently the sweet taste of freedom was so divine that they deigned to grace us with a few of their lovely eggs as thanks. I'll take it! As I've whined said before, even the best commercially available eggs can't hold a candle to homegrown. So I'm more thankful than ever to be back on the good egg track.

Next on my hit list - milk. Bill is building me a milking stand this weekend and then the fun can begin!

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