Monday, February 28, 2011

Ramblin' On

I know that there aren't too many of you out there reading this blog, and frankly, I can't blame you. Nine times out of ten I'm talking about a diseased critter or discussing the pooping or reproductive habits of my animals. Thanks for hanging in there through the gore!

It is my journal when I'm too tired, distracted or otherwise malingering to write things down in my actual farm & garden journal. Important stuff like critter birth dates, medications administered, egg production highs and lows; stuff I'd regret not making a note of sooner or later.

And while I realize that this might not be the most entertaining content, I hope that you all will still hang in there with me through my dream-farm building, and all of the stumbling and cursing along the way. This Spring is going to be a DOOZY. Our order of 25 baby chicks is due here next week and we've yet to build the new coop or even a makeshift brooder for them. Those 25 are just the egg chickens, by the way. We'll probably order our fryers & broilers in April.

Like our ever-growing assortment of critters, our family's little ones tend to be born in Spring, so this is the time of year that I often refer to as "birthday season". One after another, straight 'til the end of May. Keeey-rayzy.

So it's bunnies, goats, chicks and rapidly growing children every which way I look. And snow. WHERE WERE YOU AT CHRISTMAS, SNOW? Seriously, if this endless Winter doesn't clear out soon, we're going to drop dead of exhaustion and go broke at the same time. All of this cold means lots of extra calories, feedings and general care for our critters, which translates to us slogging food, chipping frozen water troughs and running to the feed store constantly. I think that we have just about maxed out what we can handle on a hands-on level without introducing technology or outside help to the equation. It's exhausting, but fun, and at the end of the mud-caked rainbow waits a pot of gold goat cheese.


  1. I love the bog blog!!! you're living my dream so its a lot of fun to live vicariously thru you :)

  2. :) Im reading it! And İ agree with Andrea, I used to have 5 acres with everything on it but that was a stage of my life that is over and now I can read about your adventures.