Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week's Chore Checklist


*Finish stanchion (check! Thanks, Bill)
*Build another new goat pen (double check)
*Try milking Blue
*Soak Chardy's left foot
*Ivermectin (wormer/lice/flea treatment) shots all around, except for the tiny ones
*Forage for evergreen branches to feed goats (Done - brought home almost as much roadside trash as we did branches, but I feel like I did a good deed, and Livy helped.)


*Start new chicken coop (Started on 2/21)
*Set up brooder in anticipation of baby chicks' arrival (Due March 7th)


*Clean hutch
*Empty poo bin into compost


*Clean cage


*Sweep/de-clutter porch
*Start veggie seedlings in hot tub room
*Haul up and stack firewood
*Rearrange Liv's room

All this in addition to dishes and laundry and the rest of the usual stuff. I find that making a list helps purge all of the swirling don't forget's and what was I supposed to do's? from my overwhelmed noodle. Then again, looking at a list like that can be rather daunting, so I'm making the girls pitch in a little more than usual to hustle us through this pre-Spring push. I've bribed them with a possible trip to Great Wolf Lodge (an indoor water park), depending on how well we all work together and get these chores knocked out.

Alright, now I just need to heave my tushie off of this couch and get crackin'. Bleh!

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  1. you sound like me - the list is a mile long some days! have a good one