Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chardy's Treatment Plan & Pregancy

Our blue eyed beauty, Miss Chardy.

Today is day two of treating Chardonnay's hoof rot. Her limping has noticeably decreased since Bill got all of her hooves trimmed up, and she's had two days of iodine foot baths. We also started her on a course of Penicillin today, which is not normally something you'd give a very pregnant doe, but the state of her foot unfortunately makes it necessary.

And so, we will continue with the once a day injections of penicillin and the warm iodine foot baths at least once per day until she's back up to full speed. I'm hoping that her lethargy is due to her big belly and impending kidding, rather than an indication of how bogged down she may be as a result of this infection. I got the feeling from her today that she is definitely very close to kidding. She (and Fritzen) have been uber-nesty and just sluggish for the past couple of days. The poor things are big as houses, and I can completely empathize with being over being pregnant. There's also just some underlying vibe that I'm getting from her, a nervous calm, if that makes any sense. She looks at me and gives soft little bleats, Mama, I don't feel right. Which means that I will be making multiple treks to the goat pens throughout the day to lay hands on bellies, feeling for contractions, and staring intently at caprine lady-parts to search for any signs of impending delivery.

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