Monday, February 7, 2011

Maybe Baby?

Tonight during Chardy's foot bath I got an up close and personal look at her udder, and I think that we're very near go time. :))))

She has "bagged up" in just the past few hours. I was down in the pen feeding and brushing everybody late this morning and discreetly peeked at everybody's business to see if anything was happening. It wasn't, then. Now her udder looks fit to burst.

In the neck-and-neck race to motherhood between Chardonnay and Fritzen, I think that Chardy has just pulled ahead. Now I can only hope that she doesn't deliver while I'm out of town this weekend, leaving Bill to be Ob/Gyn and Neonatal nurse all by his lonesome.

If she's still pregnant tomorrow, I'll try to get a picture of her udder for reference. Thank God for digital cameras! Can you imagine me taking my film in to Costco and having a whole roll of up-close shots of goat jumblies developed? The cops and/or PETA would be kicking in my door.


  1. Ha ha ha, goat jumblies, that's too funny :) Go Chardy, get your baby on!! Can't wait to see the little ones :)

  2. Oh how fun! I love calving time (except in the extreme cold middle of the night)....fortunately (?) we planned a little better this year and our first calf isn't due until March 15th....much better than the early February babies we had a few years ago! Hope all is well