Friday, April 1, 2011

For the Record, week of 3/26-4/1/11

Since for some reason writing it down here is easier than plugging it into my farm journal -

Foraged this past week-
*1 lb, 4 oz stinging nettles
*Approx 2 cups of dandelion petals

The critters-
*Averaging 3 eggs per day
*Epic amounts of critter poo everywhere I look. Oy.
*Peanut the Silver Spangled Hamburg chick died.
*Bought three Barred Rock chicks to replace our lost chickies.
*Started adding Hilton Herbs Daily Hen Health Poultry Compound to the chickens' water. They seem to be digging it so far!
*Listed baby bunnies for sale on Craigslist, only one has been spoken for so far.
*Listed Spike & Archie for sale on Craigslist, have had zero inquiries about them. :(

*Started 6 "Cinderella" pumpkin seeds on Monday, 5/6 have sprouted so far.
*Started a flat (12 seeds) of "Homemade Pickles" cucumbers today
*Pole Beans, peas, nasturtiums, cilantro & arugula are all growing well. Beans & Peas need to be re-potted and hardened off ASAP. I hope to get them planted out by next weekend at the latest.

*Working on two knitted blankets off and on.
*Bill plans to have the new coop ready (enough) to move the little chicks into by the end of this weekend. YAY! I'd forgotten exactly how bad baby chicken poop smells. I remember now.
*Critter pen/cage cleanings all around this weekend. Bleh!
*Bottle last year's dandelion wine.
*Go nettle & dandy picking, time permitting.

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