Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goats Behaving Badly

Today we're bringing the "little boys", Blackjack, Barley & Buckley, down to the lower pen. Firstly, because Blackjack is just not holding his own very well against Spike & Archie, and secondly, because the little ones, Barley and Buckley, have "come of age".

Having no sons, I was not prepared for the trauma of watching my sweet boys turn into rutting, sex-obsessed playboys overnight. Granted, they are all still sweet, a trait not often found in bucks, but they are also trying to hump everything that moves. Men!

Bill caught Barley & Blue in the act - more than once. I don't know who I'm more disappointed in. Barley boy, that's your Auntie Blue! No-no! Not cool, man. Blue, dear, you are nine years his senior. Cougar behavior is not encouraged here in the Hollow. I hope that your new nickname, Mary Kay LaTourngeaut is punishment enough to discourage future dalliances with the babies.

Aside from the inappropriateness of it all, I'm a little worried for Blue if this pregnancy does take. She is a wee-bitty tiny lass, small even for a Nigerian, and Barley is a Mini-LaMancha, about twice the size of Blue when full grown. How big might this baby be? Not to mention that Blue is getting on in years. Fretting now...


  1. baw chicka baw whawah! Oh yeah, lets get it on!!! How's Gertie doing? Any baby from her yet?

  2. do know you cant take your goat to the vet and have her ultrasounded and the pregnancy terminated....a good friend of mine had to do that when it was the baby boy and his mother (he snuck out of his pen and into hers) she had him fixed pronto......

  3. Oh my gosh, too funny. It is spring, you know...ah nature.

  4. @ Andrea - Gertie is getting close. She's wider than she is tall now, and just lays around all day. She's just parked her chunky butt next to the hay wagon and sits there eating 24/7. She's *theoretically* due on the 8th, right after our house guests arrive. Aye chihuahua!

    @ Kris - If the boys sneak out of their new pen, we'll be doing some fixing too. No more funny business!

  5. OMG, I can imagine this all in my head. Playboy mansion at night! LOL

  6. Oh brother. Blue's milk has suddenly dried up. I wonder if this is an indication of pregnancy? Off too google. :\