Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Digs

The baby chicks have made the move to their brand spankin' new big kid coop! And of course, today is the day that my camera decided to die, so I don't have any pictures to share of my happy chickens enjoying my husband's fine craftsmanship. :(

Billy worked his hiney off on that coop, and though there is still work to be done yet before it is officially complete, it's up and it's chock full of peepers tonight. Thank God, because the funk and dust/dander that those little buggers generate in a day is astounding, and was yucking the hot tub room up BAD. Now I get the joy of decontaminating the room of it's current smell - eau de chicken butt. The glamor never ends.


  1. Hooray for chicken coop, hooray for odor removal too!!! its one thing to be a farmer, its another to have your living room (or hot tub room) smell like it LOL

  2. Yay for a chicken coop! And have fun removing THAT