Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Spring Warm Up

Unfortunately I'm not talking about the weather - yet. I'm talking about these old bones of mine, and more pressingly, my mental organizational abilities. Time to dust off my gardening tools and bust out my treasured seed packets and get this farm a-rollin'!

It'll still be a while before I can put anything in the soon-to-be garden plot, as most of it is still under and inch or so of water, but I can and have started a few flats of starts inside and am chomping at the bit to start some more. There is something so incredibly gratifying about watching new life unfold - whether it be in the form of a sprouting seed or a wobbly newborn kid - that feeds me at least as much energy as it requires of me to sustain. And with the coming of Spring, sooner or later I will be immersed in it.

What's growing/producing this week:

*We're averaging 3 eggs per day now since Gracie started laying - finally.

*Seedlings - 1/2 flat of "Golden Self-Blanching Celery"; 1/2 flat of "Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans"; a whole flat of Nasturtiums; 8 cells each of cilantro, arugula and Thai basil; a flat of lettuces including red romaine, mesclun mix and rouge d'hiver. (Most of these seedlings will be for the school plant sale next month. I will keep a few of the herbs and some lettuce in my windowsill though. Can't beat the homegrown!) :)

*Mama goats are all still in milk, and we're 90% sure that Gertie is pregnant after all, so she should be kidding in early May.

*We are 99% sure that Cinderella bunny is pregnant again, with a new litter due within the next week or so. Papa Prince Charming was neutered, but not before he snuck in one last hurrah, the stinker.

*Narcissus, Snowdrops, Crocus, Daffodils, and Forsythia are all popping up and open. :)

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  1. Go farm go! You're bursting with new life, that's so awesome!!! I hope some of your gardening mojo rubs off on me this year :)