Monday, March 7, 2011


I was just updating the critter stats in the sidebar, and had blazing, spooky moment of clarity. We aren't just outnumbered by critters now, we are buried in critters. 33 chickens + 7 Bunnies + 12 goats + 2 parakeets + a turtle = 55 animals! We moved into this house with 17. Maybe it's time for us slow the acquisition/breeding down just a touch?


  1. I know have a 13 year old parakeet! I am suprised every day I see her! ha

  2. Holy smokes! Our parakeets are only about 3, so I guess we have a ways to go with them then, eh?

    I have an old turtle. We've had Bob for 16 years and he was full grown when we got him, so it's anybody's guess how old he is. He's a cranky little beast too! ;)