Thursday, March 24, 2011

Planted so far...

...some of it outside, and some of it still inside on seedling heat mats and under grow lights -

*Rhubarb, Victoria (planted out)
*Rhubarb, Cherry (planted out)
*Potatoes, Blue (planted out, in a big old pot)
*Potatoes, Russet ("")
*Cilantro, 8 cells indoors
*Thai Holy Basil, 8 cells indoors
*Arugula, 8 cells ""
*Lettuce, Red Romaine/Mesclun mix, 1 flat ""
*Nasturtiums, 1 flat ""
*Pole Beans, Kentucky Wonder, 1/2 flat ""
*Celery, Golden self-blanching, 1/2 flat - germinated, then croaked immediately! :(
*Peas, Mammoth Melting, Oregon Sugar Snap, Lincoln Homesteader, 72 cells total ""
*Pumpkin, Cinderella, 6 seeds, indoors

I think that that is it! I'll be starting a few more every few days. I'm probably going to plant out some kale & Chinese cabbage seeds in the next few days. They tolerate the cold well enough that they don't really need a jump start inside. I'm going to sort of wedge them in here and there in the flower beds, since the garden plot is still WAY too wet to work with yet. My chief concern is that the deer will harvest them before I get a chance to!

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