Friday, June 7, 2013

How Does My Garden Grow? Organic & Slow!

Being under-experienced and a little slow on the draw in terms of getting the garden infrastructure in has pushed back our garden progress a bit this year. Nonetheless - we do indeed have some progress to report!

New in the garden this week -

*Everbearing Raspberries - 2 (The deer always eat these, so I don't know why I bother. They were an impulse buy at the school plant sale.)
*Scarlet Runner Beans - 6

Just popped up/now in bloom -

*Pumpkins, Zukes, Cukes, Carrots & Sweet Corn
*All 4 apple trees have teeny baby fruits on them, as do the pear, the plum and the sour cherry trees. Yay!
*Marion berries are just now blooming.
*Roses are all in bloom.

About to bloom -

*Hidcote (English) Lavender

Still need to plant -

*Rhubarb - 2
*Sea Holly - 2
*Bald Hip Rose - 1
*Lemon Balm - 1

It remains to be seen if any of those will get into the garden before the houseguests arrive. We have a crap ton of cleaning to focus our energy on first!

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