Sunday, June 2, 2013

April/May Crafting Totals

Dishcloths - 11 ($4/ea)
Baskets - 1 ($4/ea)
Re-milled, homemade lavender goats milk soap - 4 bars ($5/ea)
Key hook - 1 ($15/ea)
Coat hook - 1 ($18/ea)
Engraved silver spoon plant tags - 18 ($3/ea)

For a grand total of.... $155. Not bad, but still just barely half of what I'd hoped to knock out in 61 days. What can I say? The garden took every spare minute we had. Maybe when things settle down again after the early Fall harvests I'll finally get my soap-making, dishcloth-knitting, spoon-whackin' booty in gear?

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