Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's Happenin' - 6/5/11

Scarlet and I finally put the strawberries in today. I'd been thinking of waiting and giving them their own plot, but as busy as we've been, I couldn't really afford to wait any longer, lest I miss strawberry season altogether, which would be highly lame.

So anyway, the strawberries are in the garden. Eight plants in all -
*3 Rainier
*2 Hood
*1 Benton
*2 Shuksan (which are supposed to be the best strawberries on earth!)

We shimmied them in in their own little row, between the yellow carrots and the shelling peas. We primed the soil with a few shovelsful of bunny poop and straw, the watered the holy heck out of them. I hope we're not too late to get some berries this year!

In addition to putting the berries in, I side-dressed pretty much everything with still more bunny poop. I want to take some before and after pics so that I can fairly evaluate how well the bunny poo works.

The tomatoes and squash have sort of just stagnated since being planted, hopefully this little manure boost will get them growing.

I noticed one Burgess Buttercup and one Early Yellow Squash sprout today - yay! The cilantro, lettuces and arugula have all really taken off, so it seems that we will at least have a boatload of salad this summer, if nothing else. ;)

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