Thursday, June 2, 2011

Under the Grow Lights

Waiting for their turn in the sun, that is, if they ever wake up -

*48 Yukon Chief Corn
*12 Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans
*12 Golden Yellow Wax Beans
*7 Scarlet Runner Beans
*8 Job's Tears (grown for ornamental seeds)

Where they will go, once they're grown and ready is still a mystery, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it I guess. The weather has been rain showers and sunbreaks for the past few days which seems to be working just fine for everything that's already planted out. It's enough rain that I don't have to water and of course the sunshine is always welcome. I worry a bit about fungus & mildew with this mild, wet weather, but since when had worrying ever helped?

Once the squash and 'maters show me that they have a good foothold, I'm going to bring in a little goat-poopy straw and mulch them. I also need to make a little trellis for the peas to climb, should they ever find the energy to do so. This is a pace that I can manage. The garden has been work, but still feels fun. I hope that my momentum continues when those first weeds appear in my newly turned soil. ;)

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