Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tomorrow's Agenda 2-2-12

Even as we are still recovering from this Winters big snow and ice storm, my mind has already made the leap to Springtime things. I saw a planning guide for zone 7 gardeners today that said that this month I should be setting out my lettuces and cabbage. WHAT?!? When was I supposed to have started these things if they're supposed to be going out already?

So I'll just roll with the punches and pretend that starting my seeds tomorrow was my plan all along.

As the raised beds have not yet been built, the only place that I can plant my seeds is indoors, on heat mats and under grow lights. This is how I start the majority of my garden plants anyway, but the option of direct-sowing would've been nice. Next year...

As for tomorrow, the plan is-

*Locate and collect as many seedling trays/flats as possible
*Wash the holy bejeebus out of them
*Locate my seedling heat mats
*Sow seeds in trays and flats, as many as I can find heat mats for
*Document the whole shebang, so I remember what the heck is what 3 months from now.

That's about it! I really look forward to getting my hands good and dirty again, and to see those tender little sprouts push their way up through the soil. My fingers are crossed and my hopes are high, as ever, that we'll get our dream garden started this Spring. :)


  1. Good luck! I am still having the should I garden or not this year pains. I know as soon as I get something in the ground my mind will change. But then I look out at the weeds that is my garden... Sigh :)

    Seriously, good luck! What are you planting this year?

  2. You SHOULD plant a garden, lady! You know you want 10,000 zucchinis again! ;)

    I have drawn a rather ambitious garden plan that includes everything - tomatoes for canning, radishes for bunnies, sunflowers for the goats, gazillions of squash... basically every seed packet that caught my eye. 12 raised beds worth!

    The hubster who has to build all those beds is slightly less thrilled. ;)