Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today's Take 9/27/11

Posting this a day late, because I'm a slacker who also happens to be on muscle relaxers for my bad back, which makes me an ultra space cadet. Good times!

-Goats milk, 60 ounces (The teat cup on the Henry Milker broke, so Liv had to hand milk the girls, which never seems to get quite as much out of them as the milker does.)
-Eggs, 10
-Tomatoes, 1 lb
-Handful of pea pods

The apple harvest looks like it's going to have to wait another weekend. We have just 6 days until the chicks in the incubator hatch, so harvesting "Mr. Meanie" to free up a run for the little 'uns is our first priority this coming weekend. The coop also needs cleaning, the goats hooves trimmed, the list is endless. So hopefully the apples can do us a favor and hang in there for just a bit more.

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