Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's Take 9/21/11

The days are definitely getting shorter now that Autumn is bearing down upon us. It's dark when we wake, and pretty dark by dinner time. Pretty soon we'll be back to doing all of our critter chores in the dark and damp - not looking forward to that so much.

One of my doelings, Hop, I think, is acting all kinds of crazy today. She's meeeehhhhing like mad every minute or two ALL DAY. I wonder if she's in her first heat? All I know, is that every time I go down to the pen to check on them, they all start mehhing, and all bounce around just fine, so I really have no way of knowing who the yapper is. What I do know is that she completely ruined both of my attempts at a nap today. Grrr!

On the up side - only one more day of antibiotics for the chickens, then a few days for the meds to work all of the way out of there system, and we can finally start eating out eggs again. It has been killing me to throw all of those beautiful eggs in the compost bin, but we haven't had any takers on the hatching eggs offer, so back to the earth they go.

By the way - our eggs in the incubator are nearly halfway there! 12 more days to go, just 9 more until I take the turner tray out and lay them on their sides to finish orienting themselves inside their eggs in preparation for pipping. Happiness! :)

Goats Milk, 1/2 gallon
Eggs, 15 - composted :(
Nothing from the garden today, but that is pretty much the story of this year. :\

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