Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things I learned in Kinder.... Er, Garden Building

Today we got the garden patch ready (a little late but it's been so cold no biggie...) and here's what I learned.

Lesson 1. Renting a $2.6K piece of equipment for two hours is a good idea because I'll only need it once per year.

Lesson 2. Being cheap and agonizing on the right kind of deer fence is not a good idea because it'll make you go back to the feed store you started at.

Lesson 3. Investing time, dollars, energy and work into protecting your garden from deer will encourage you to hunt in the fall. Furthermore, where I live in the county I can't shoot deer with a gun but I do know how to use a bow! Bambi eats my plants and is delicious.

Lesson 4. Happiness is finishing 9 fence-posts in an hour. A one man auger is my new friend.

Lesson 5. Hot pink duct tape makes a good visibility flag.

Lesson 6. Wanting to finish something in one day is a good thing because you can spend subsequent weekends upgrading instead of stressing about being able to put the garden in.

Lesson 7. Beer tastes better after a long day of manual labor.


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