Monday, May 9, 2011

Lucky #13

Gert finally had her baby. Just one, a little girl, at around 11pm last night, Mother's Day. Kinda nutty considering that our bunnies we're born on a friend's birthday, Chardy's baby goats were born on another friend's birthday, Fritzen's on Valentines Day, and now Gert on Mother's Day. Weird!

We're still mulling over names for the baby. Bill likes Lucky, as in Lucky 13, but I'm maybe a little too superstitious to name anything Lucky.

Anyway, mother and baby are both looking good. Gert has been very protective of her little bambina, bleating and lunging at the other Mamas and babies that come to check them out. Very un-Gertie-like, but understandable for all that.

Here are some snaps of the proud new Mama and her sweet little girl -


  1. Damla is a nice name (Dahmlah)it means drop as in one little drop(raindrop)

  2. That is so cute! I will definitely mention that one to the hubby. I love unusual names, especially when they have a great meaning like that. :)

  3. Oh what a sweetheart, and good for mama. I am so glad she had her!

    I like the name above, raindrop is cute.

  4. You need to name her Lucky if you haven't yet...Tyler named our last calf (out of his cow) in "Lucky to be alive" because she had trouble with the delivery (backwards and upside down). Who am I to argue with an 8 year old? lol