Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can't anything go our way?

This damn cold front that's come through took our poor baby bunnies in the night. And of course, poor Scarlet had to be the one to find them.

I feel responsible for not bringing them inside, but everything we read said that under no circumstances should we mess with/touch/move the babies, or Mama bunny would likely kill or abandon them. So we gave them extra bedding material and lots of extra food, and prayed that it would be enough to see them all through safely. It wasn't.

We will bury our sweet babies later today under the same tree as Eglantine, George & Charlotte.

I know that loss is an expected part of farm life, but it feels like with so many losses, that the world is just against us.

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  1. Oh no Michelle...poor Scarlet and poor babies...I'm sorry. : (