Monday, January 10, 2011

Apparently, She was a He

In case you missed the big news, we have baby bunnies.

Our two "girl" bunnies turned out to be a boy and a girl, and as best as we can tell, had about 5 babies in the night 3 nights ago. There are many mysteries to be unraveled here-

*Why did it take them so long to start having babies? After co-habitating peacefully for 10 months, we felt confident that they really were loving sisters. They were loving, alright...

*If Papa bunny (now known as "Prince Charming") has been protective of and kind to both Mama and the babies, should we still take him out of the hutch?

*How soon should we get Prince Charming neutered? Would it be traumatic to take him away from his lady & babies so soon?

*Being the product of inbreeding (ew,ew,ew!), will the babies still be ok?

Alright farmer folk, let me hear it. I can't read my bunny & goat care books fast enough to keep up with all of the stealth uterine action going on over here. If you've got any tips or experience in this area, HELP!

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