Saturday, November 13, 2010

Matchmaker, matchmaker...

...make Gertie a match! We think we've found a suitable young man for our Gert-Gert. Ladies and Gentlemen, the dashing, Scout.

Young Mr. Scout is a one-year-old Nigerian Dwarf buck. I LOOOVE his gorgeous milk chocolate color and his blue-blue eyes. Won't he and the Gertster have pretty babies? :) Just to clarify, we won't be buying Scout, rather Gertie will spend a romantic weekend at his place, and hopefully come back to us with babies on board.

If all goes well, and Gertie has her babies this coming Spring, by late Spring or early Summer we could have chèvre! And soap, lotion, cajeta! and eventually Tommes and Parmesan, maybe ....

No pressure, Gertie, but if you could put yourself in like a super-fertile mindspace, mama would really appreciate it. And Scout probably wouldn't complain either.


  1. Oh Scout looks like a STUD! Good luck, I hope there's romance in the air for these 2 love birds :)

  2. hilarious! Does Scout like watching romantic movies, bubble baths, and long walks on the beach?