Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Sunday

We didn't get a whole lot done today, nor did we get much from the critters, just two eggs. Strawberry has been slacking off big time. In fact, I'm wondering if the move has thrown her off her game, or if she's just squirreling her eggs away somewhere in yet another fruitless attempt at hatching chicks. Hmmm...

The banty hens (of which we think we have 8 or 9) could start laying as early as mid-October, right when they hit the 5-month mark. Once they hit their stride, we'll hopefully be getting around a dozen eggs per day, with the help of the "big girls". A few of our bantams (at least 3, maybe 4 or 5) appear to be roosters. Two of them attempted what I'm assuming was supposed to be a crow the other day. It sounded exactly like when you pinch flat the neck of a balloon and let the air out slowly- sort of a warbling honk. Utterly pathetic!

For those of you keeping track of the babies, there have been a few name changes along the way, as their genders have become apparent-
Scout (hen?)
Daisy (definitely a rooster, needs a new name)
Sunny (Sultan, possibly a rooster)
Sky (Sultan hen)
Snowflake (Sultan, rooster - should we change the name?)
Ruthie (definitely a rooster, now goes by Mr. Jeffries)
Rocky (hen, now called Eglantine after a character in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series)
Wilbur (Americauna/Aracauna hen, now named Molly)
Charlotte (hen)

All are doing well and are getting their "big kid" plumage. Their hobbies include getting chewed out by the big hens, escaping from the chicken yard into my yard, flinging beauty bark out of the flower beds onto the sidewalk, and doing their pre-pubescent version cock fighting (basically they just jump around and fluff their neck feathers up. Real badasses, they are.) God save me from hormonal teenagers of all species!

For the record, today's take-
2 eggs


  1. LOL
    I vote for video blogging so we can see them puffing up and looking bad.

  2. If it helps, here the name Sultan is a girls name. I thought about it for Pembe.

  3. @ Michelle - I should look into that! I have a new cell phone that I think might do video. Those little dingbats take themselves so seriously, they think that they are huge and fierce. They don't seem to know that they weigh half a pound and that a stiff breeze could take them out. ;)
    @ Simcha - I had no idea that Sultan could be a girl's name! I'll ask the kiddos what they think. ;)