Saturday, June 24, 2017

Romance on the Farm

In passing the other day, I mentioned to the hubs that we were going to have to find a bigger bucket for the pigs' slops. These boys eat like it's going out of style!

Anyhoo, fast forward to a week later. Bill had to run to the Home Despot for a few tools and other dude-stuff. Once he's home, he says - "I forgot. I got you a new bucket!"

OOOOOH! For meeeee?

And they say romance is dead! :P

Saturday, March 11, 2017

EGGS!!!!! - First of the year

Well, the Chickens are at it again now that we finally have a little more light.  We will have 5 dozen eggs out at the stand for sale.  $4.00 as usual.  This year our younger kiddo is taking on egg prep duties and gets half the proceeds!  Sheesh, what a lucky kid.  Hopefully pretty soon our flock of ducks will also start laying as well.

Once the wet season/winter/time to build an ark finally ends we'll start getting the garden planted.  Hopefully snow-peas and greens will come up first with perhaps some Rhubarb.  Keep your eyes open.

Sadly there are no quail eggs this year.  If you know someone who wants a really nifty quail hutch (8ft wide by 2ft deep) drop us an email and we can talk.

Happy almost spring!