Friday, January 6, 2012

The Chicken ROI Calculator

Thanks to Gavin over at The Greening of Gavin for the link to this handy little tool!

Click here to run your numbers through the calculator to get a rough idea of how much your poultry are making or costing you to keep.

My numbers-

Poultry ROI Calculator

Your Poultry cost per year is $ 19.00 (per bird)

Housing cost per year is $ 79.57

Feed quantity required per year is 763 Kg for 19 Large Fowl (**They do not let you adjust the amount of feed given per bird in this calculator. I feed about half of the pellets, crumbles and corn that other "operators" of our size do because we free range the chickens and feed them supplemental foods like commercial waste produce and day-old bakery breads for free or at very low cost.**)

Cost of all feed products per year is $ 1154.50 (My number is waaaaaay lower - about half!)

Consumables / other cost per year is $ 195.00 (Supplemental grit, diatomacious earth, vitamins, oyster shell, etc.)

Total Cost per year is $ 1448.07

Your eggs sold value per year is $ 665.28
Hatching eggs sold value per year is $ 0.00

The remaining eggs valued at shop prices $ 692.00 for your own use. (That's an eye popping number! That of course includes dozens and dozens that we give away.)

Your POL sold value per year is $ 72.00

Total Return value per year is $ 1529.28

Your Total Profit is $ 81.21 per year. (This includes the value of the manure, estimated at $100/year.)

Well done. Of course this profit calculation does not include your labour costs.

Good to know that we're not just spinning our wheels with this chicken thing. Of course, once the cost of the coops are amortized, and if/when we're able to sell more hatching eggs or chicks, our profit margin will grow. Still - 2016 eggs sold per year - wow!

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