Monday, October 10, 2011

The Trap is Set... a manner of speaking.

We've had a few "intrusion" issues here lately. #1 is the jerk-o's that keep messing with our garbage cans. Their idea of fun is to take our can and bring it a mile or so down the road and leave it in someone else's driveway, or knocked over in a ditch. It isn't a critter doing it, we suspect that it is a group of bored teenagers.

Problem #2 is that someone, perhaps the same folks behind the garbage can shenanigans, have been helping themselves to items in my husband's boat. We had a gas tank full of two-stroke fuel go missing. God knows what the people who took it plan to do with it, but if they we're going to put it in their car, the joke's on them!

Problem #3 is that something has been coming into the chicken yard and has killed one chicken, and did some serious feather-plucking to another.

Which brings us to the eluded to "trap" - a game camera. Bill picked one up today that will hopefully answer at least a few of the questions that we have about who's helping themselves to our property and livestock.

And now the question is - how do we keep these jerk-turkeys from stealing our game camera? Oy...

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