Monday, August 29, 2011

The Ups, The Downs

This past week has held a few nice surprises as well as a few disappointments in terms of food productivity.

Firstly, our egg production has reached never-before achieved heights. On Friday we collected 6 eggs in a single day for the first time ever, and today there were 7! :) Still no sign of an Australorp or Turken egg yet, but two or three of the Americauna pullets are gracing us with a tiny, sky blue egg daily now. Their yolks are about the size of a quarter - so cute!

A Pullet's egg compared to the jumbo egg of our two year-old girl, Amelia.

The garden has finally given us our first tomato and first two zucchinis. Better late (or even waaaay late) than never, right?

Our potato plants died a little prematurely, so I decided to go ahead and pull them and harvest the spuds. Yeah... 90% of them are marble or golf ball sized. Bummer! This is my second year in a row where I've probably planted more potatoes than I've harvested. Apparently I've lost my touch for them. :(

The pumpkins are starting to change from green to yellow, with new babies still coming on. I am so thankful that we have at least one thing that seems happy in this soil! We also found three pea-sized watermelon fruits. I don't know if they are fertilized, so it remains to be seen if they'll make it, but I'm pretty darn excited about the prospect of home grown watermelon. :)

August 26th-29th-
*Eggs, 18
*Zucchini, 2 (4 oz)
*Potatoes (Blue, Yukon and Red Fingerling) 24oz total :(
*Handful of Yellow Wax Beans and Sugar Snap Peas
*Goat Milk, 1/2 gallon

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