Monday, December 13, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas, Boggy Hollow style

I'll spare you the repetitive choruses and just skip to my good/bad/crazy holiday countdown. Things are always nuts around here, but poxed roosters and horny goats have really spiced up my day!

Twelve days of Raining
Eleven Gifts need Wrapping
Ten Dozen Cookies
Nine Rivers Cresting
Eight Knitting Projects
Seven days 'til School's out (Boo)
Six Hens not a-laying
Five Cups of Jooooooooe!
Four Acres Drowning
Three Roosters Sick
Two Cranky Kids
And one very frisky she-Goat in Heeeeeeat!

Happy Holidays, everyone! ;)


  1. WOW that was awesome. Such is the life of a farmer and wife. lol I hope 2011 brings you much success and joy and peace at Boggy Hollow.

  2. Hahahaha....LOVE it! Enjoy the holidays!!!

  3. That was the best version of the 12 days of christmas ever! Happy Holidays!