Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Official

We're farmers! Well, hobby farmers anyway. I guess we'll be "real deal" farmers once we sell something that we grew for a profit. Anyway, my definition of a farmer up to this point as been one who owns actual livestock, aka, something with hooves. And here we are, goat owners shepherds lackeys.

Introducing our 3 newest babies, Gertie, Archie & Spike-

All are Nigerian Dwarf goats, two wethers (castrated males) and one doe. The boys have already exhibited their stubborn streak by head butting fences and each other, and showing off some highly skilled evasion tactics while we attempted to herd them into their pen. Our girl, Gertie, so far is nothing but sweetness and light. We hope to breed her ASAP so that we might have her kid in Spring, and hopefully get a little milk for us by Summer. I still have a WHOLE LOT to learn about caring for these little rascals, but we're already madly in love with their goofy faces and their curious little nibblings (Bill was not totally thrilled that Archie tried to eat his shorts, but human/goat relations will no doubt improve over time).

I am very fortunate to have a cousin who lives a few miles down the road, who's daughters are serious goat experts. I'm going to have to learn the ropes of goat grooming and maintenance lickety-split, so I'm incredibly grateful to have someone who is totally enamored of goats to be showing me the right way to care for them.

According to "Raising Miniature Livestock", our wee little farm might now qualify for some sort of tax break in the form of an agricultural exemption, now that we've got actual livestock. Holy mackerel, what a year this has been!

More pics for your goat viewing pleasure-

Archie, the shy guy

Our sweet little Gertrude

Spike, Mr. Bossypants

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