Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Nature of a Todo List

I thought the "selling the house while buying a new one" todo list was daunting.  Now we're in the new house and lo, the todo list is bigger than ever.  The good news is though that everything we do now is for us and not someone else.  I have managed to knock a few things off....

  1. Put the new desk together in the office
  2. Tarped over the stack of firewood
  3. Moved the workbench into the red shed
  4. Put the pergola next to the red shed (for now)
  5. Researched deer prevention measures
  6. Dug the back of the chicken coop into the hill so it sits more or less level now
  7. Cleaned out the firewood pile next to the basement door and moved the critter feed over there
  8. Put up some chicken wire against the fence to keep the bantys out of our front yard
  9. Much much more.....
Still though there is much "todo"...
  1. Buy the posts and plant them for the deer fence around the garden
  2. Research and start building the support structures for our grape vines
  3. Wash and seal the back deck
  4. Patch the hot tub
  5. Figure out the water feed line to the shower in the hot tub room
  6. Put a new light in over the kitchen table
  7. Clean out the basement and get rid of the pool table etc...
  8. Put the shelf up in the office and fully unpack
  9. Cut a bunch of kindling for the wood stove and clean out the wood stove
  10. Put a fan in the bathroom
  11. New handrail on for the stairs
Its worth it all.  I really want to focus on the house and getting the garden ready to go for next year.  We have grand plans for this garden, perhaps making a buck or two.  We'll have to save up to bring in some good dirt/compost but that'll pay off too.  In the interim I'm happy with the small things.  Like peaceful moments watching the chickens wander across their yard...

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